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Processing of thermoplastics

We are in possess of 45 modern injection molding machines made of Arburg, Engel, Kraus Maffei, Battenfeld, Italtech, JSW with clamping forces from 50 to 1200 tons and the necessary auxiliary equipment, i.e.: thermostats, dye feeders, modern dryers for engineering plastics. 50% of the machine is equipped with manipulators for receiving details. In the production process, we use IML technology that allows for automatic application of labels directly to the injection mold.

In 2016, we built a modern production hall with an area of approx. 1800 m2 designed for large machines with clamping force from 350 to 1200 tons.

We have two independent cooling systems for machines and tools that guarantee the necessary stability of production parameters and a modern central raw material feeding system from Koch.

We work with customers from Denmark, Germany and Poland, we produce various types of containers including food storage, dispensers, bowls, buckets, kitchen utensils, pots, etc. Recently, we have established cooperation with leading companies in the household appliances industry, for which we produce technical mouldings.

We offer services in the field of thermoplastic processing, printing (pad printing), and confectioning of products.


List of machines

Pos.Machine typeRobotClamping force [kN]Injection volume [cm3]Distance between columns [mm]Max mould height [mm]Min mould height [mm]Mould opening stroke [mm]Screw diameter [mm]
1ARBURG 320C500-170 Golden Edit.50085320 x 320550200350Ø 30
2ENGEL 330/60 techER-HLI 31 VC EP5600154Pł. 670x600-250450Ø 35
3ARBURG 320K700-10070070320 x 320430200250Ø 30
4ARBURG 320K700-250700144320 x 320430200250Ø 35
5ARBURG 320K700-250700144320 x 320430200250Ø 35
6ARBURG 320K700-250700188320 x 320430200250Ø 40
7ARBURG 370C800-250800188370 x 370-250500Ø 40
8KRAUSS MAFFEI KM 80-380 CX800201420 x 420-250500Ø 40
9KRAUSS MAFFEI KM 80-390 C1800204405 x 405-250500Ø 40
10ENGEL 330/80 spex800154Pł. 670x600-250450Ø 35
11ENGEL 500/90 techER-HLI 41 VC EP5900251Pł. 740x680-300500Ø 40
12ARBURG 420C1000-3501000230420 x 420-250500Ø 45
13KRAUSS MAFFEI KM 110-520 C11100275470 x 470-300600Ø 45
14KRAUSS MAFFEI KM 110-750 CX1100393470 x 470-300600Ø 50
15ENGEL 750/140 techER-HLI 51 VC EP51400392Pł. 750x750-300600Ø 50
16ARBURG 470C1500-6751500427470 x 470-250500Ø 55
17KRAUSS MAFFEI KM 150-1000 C1Primus 16-08861500523500 x 500-300600Ø 55
18KRAUSS MAFFEI KM 160-1000 CXTMA midiLine1600523520 x 520-300650Ø 55
19BATTENFELD HM 160/750 S B6Tecnomatic Micro+IML1600358570 x 520950300650Ø 45
20ENGEL 1050/160 techViper 6 EP61600475Pł. 750x750-300600Ø 55
21KM 200-1400 CXW721-14192000679560 x 560-350700Ø 60
22JSW J220ADS 460HTecnomatic CNC22200463650 x 590680230550Ø 53
23KRAUSS MAFFEI KM 250-1400 C1W821-6472500679630 x 630-330820Ø 60
24KM 250-1900 C1W721-029225001047630 x 630-330820Ø 70
25KM 350-2000 CXW731-43935001078710 x 710-380920Ø 70
26BATTENFELD TM 3500/1900Unirob R8 #27034A (2003)35001078710 x 710-300670Ø 65
27ENGEL duo 1800/350Viper 123500763800 x 8008503501050Ø 60
28ENGEL duo 2460/350Viper 12-RC30035001212800 x 80010503501250Ø 70
29JSW J350ADS-890HTECNOMATIC model COMPACT 23500890810x730870400700Ø66
30ENGEL duo 2460/400Viper 12-RC30040001212800 x 80010503501250Ø 70
31JSW J450ADS 1400HTecnomatic 2T CNC45001361900 x 8101000350800Ø 76
32BATTENFELD TM 450/1900 B4W831-156 (2010)45001078800 x 800770300760Ø 65
33BATTENFELD HM 500/3400 B6Tecnomatic500016571000 x 800-4501150Ø 75
34ENGEL duo 2550/500picoViper 20+IML50001558910x8309003501300Ø 80
35ENGEL duo 4550/500Viper 2050001960910 x 8309003501300Ø 80
36ENGEL duo 3660/500Viper 20 RC-30050001810910 x 83011003501500Ø 80
37JSWJ550AD-2300HTECNOMATIC model COMPACT 355002328960x900908400900Ø84
38ITALTECH KL650/5100 ESTechnomatic Compact 3 CNC65003365900x8209003001600Ø 95
39VICTOR Vr-700RAPEX S.C. 1500D70002010960 x 9601000400930Ø 80
40ENGEL duo 5550/700Tecnomatic Large CNC Long700027401025 x 9309504501400Ø 90
41ENGEL duo 8160/800Viper 40 RC-300800040701170x100013005001800Ø 105
42JSW J850AD 3100HTECNOMATIC EXTRALARGE CNC850036131060x106013007001200Ø 100
43ENGEL duo 8160/900 WPViper 40 RC-300900040701420x117013606002000Ø 105
44ENGEL duo 11050/1100Viper 40 RC-3001100064501400x115014006002000Ø 120
45ITALTECH KL1200/10400 ES ETTecnomatic1200067821250x112015006002400Ø 120


Production and assembly of electrotechnical components

At the Electrical Engineering Department we employ employees specialized in precise assembly and production of electrotechnical components, mainly for the German market.

We have:

    • METEOR winders for winding coils from wires with a diameter of 0.03 to 1.7 mm,
    • KOMAX KAPPA 225 automatic machine for cutting and insulating wires,
    • automatic assambler of connector terminals with diameters of 4.8 mm and 6.3 mm,
    • stations for controlling the parameters of manufactured components,
    • assembly stations that guarantee high quality of each operation.