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The Integrated Management System Policy adopted by the Management Board of the Cooperative results from our concern for the customer and the environment by meeting its requirements and preventing defects and pollution.

We implement the policy through the following strategic objectives:

    • improving activities aimed at increasing the diversification of sales directions and expanding the product range,
    • maintaining high competitiveness as a result of systematic introduction of technical progress, prevention of defects and improvement of the organizational structure,
    • continuous improvement of environmental impact,
    • effective management of human resources by stimulating the growth of competences, skills and awareness of employees,
    • rationalization of activities in the economic aspect.



In 2002. The Co-operative has implemented the Integrated Management System in the field of quality and the environment, currently based on ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards, obtaining certificates of DEKRA Certification LLC confirming the compliance of its activities (design, production, assembly and sale of plastic products and electrotechnical products) with the above-mentioned standards.

Since 2002 the Co-operative has already received a positive assessment four times during renewal audits, obtaining an extension of the validity of certificates No. 000118001 - 000118002 with an expiry date until 08.01.2024. Currently, the company is at the stage of implementation and certification of the requirements of the ISO IATF 16949 standard.



A group of disabled people sets up the Disabled Co-operative in Słupca.
October 21-st
The first General Meeting of the Founding Co-operative "Przyjaźń" in Słupca was held.

The Head Office of the Invalids Co-operative in Warsaw issued a permit for the Co-operative to run the following work departments: a tailor's workshop, a shoemaker's workshop, a beer bottling plant and a sparkling water factory.

October 21-st
Activity start-up.
October 8-th
Registration of the new statute of the Co-operative according to which the Co-operative had 90 members.

The cottage system began to be employed in the Słupca, Konin and Kola counties.

The Department of Plastics is established

at the beginning in Strzalkowo, then in Słupca at Sukiennicza Street.

The second half of the 60's
The Co-operative launched the production of thermosetting plastic products.

Deliveries of parts for electrotechnical components have started for EMA-ELESTER.

The first injection molding machines were purchased and the production of thermoplastic products was launched

in the new headquarters in Słupca at 2 Piastów Street.

A new Faculty of Electrotechnics was launched.

Initially, it produced winding coils for companies: EMA-ELESTER, TONSIL, SILMA.

Production of encapsulated coils launched for FACH Cieszyn and cooperation with EAW Berlin was started.
Installation of panels for telephone exchanges has begun for TELFA Bydgoszcz.
Commencement of the technological modernization process.

Installation of a cooling system, purchase of the first computer-controlled injection moulding machines.

The cooperative has introduced an integrated quality and environmental management system ISO 9001 and 14001.
Commissioning of the central raw material feeding system with 3 silos.
A new production hall for large machines was put into use.
In the hall there are currently 14 injection molding machines with two cranes with a lifting capacity of 10 and 12 tons.

In total, we have 45 injection molding machines.

We launch an innovative line of environmentally friendly products

made of ecological raw material: polypropylene with beech chips.